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                        Hardware Software

Sensors and Transducers

Analog data starts off in many forms: temperature, pressure, intensity of light, color of light, relative humidity, distance, speed, acceleration, inertia, force, torque, strain, length and weight to name just a few.  But they all have to be converted to volts or frequency and we are experts at doing exactly that.

We have a wide range of expertise with RTDs, thermocouples, thermistors, IC temperature sensors, pressure sensors, Peltier coolers, Hall effect devices, passive infra red motion sensors, rotary encoders, IC relative humidity sensors, and other transducers.

Process Control

Most of our projects communicate and accept overall directions from an operator or a larger computer, but the moment-to-moment decisions are made on the spot without intervention.  They are the sorts of thing that used to be called embedded controllers, until that term was stretched beyond all recognition.

Clearly, this covers a huge range of possibilities.  We have done projects from battery powered to tens of kilowatts, from fully self-contained to products that are in constant communication with the outside world. Since it really isnít possible to describe your needs without hearing from you, please contact us with your idea or need.

Communication formats

Almost every embedded product needs to communicate with a host.  We have used RS-232, RS-485, CAN, J1850, infra-red communication, and Bluetooth.

Displays LCD  VFD

We have created displays using off the shelf vacuum florescent display (VFD) modules.  These are programmed simply by sending strings of ASCII characters.  We have also rolled custom VFDs from components where we had to decode the individual dots and refresh the display.  The buy-build decision is driven by cost and available development time.  The product that had the built display had it on the main processor board, so the cost saving was significant.

We have also done LCD displays that display characters and graphics.

Motors Steppers Brushless DC Motors (BLDC)

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Peltier Coolers

Peltier coolers are plates of lead crystal with electrodes on them.  Passing current through them transfers heat from one side of the plate to the other.  But be careful: too much power make the whole plate run away and overheat.  Neither side gets cool then.

PID Controllers

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Schematic Capture and other services

We can provide your company with any or all phases of product design, including: project definition, hardware design, PC board design, layout and fabrication, software/firmware, product integration, and documentation.  We can even take care of production if you so desire.

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