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  Custom Hardware and Software Developers for Environmental Monitoring and Control.  

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How long has Toucan Technology been in existence?


Toucan Technology was founded as a full time venture in 1988.


Are you related to that other Toucan Technology?




What sort of designs do you do?


We have designed hardware and software for embedded controllers for applications ranging from automatic security gates to gas flow controllers to power controllers for fuel cells.  The common link is that they all rely on local control for virtually all processing.  Every system has some sort of operator or network input, like “Start” or “Run pattern number 3”, but for our projects the nitty-gritty work of reading inputs, making decisions and controlling outputs is done on the spot.


What other applications have you done?


We have designed hardware and software for stepper motor controllers, Peltier coolers, PWM controlled heaters, PID controllers, tachometers, pressure transducers, and pyroelectric detectors, among others.


What processors have you used?


Designs have used processors from 8031s and 68HC05s through 68HC11s and 68HC12s to C167s and Power PCs.  Most of these were programmed in C, but we still get calls for assembly language.  We can also program the larger processors in C++, if desired.  We have also done projects with Palm OS.


What about communications protocols?


Designs have used EIA-232 (formerly RS-232) RS-485, J1850, CAN bus. Bluetooth, and proprietary infra-red protocols.


What about other services?


We do schematic capture, and PC board layout for many projects.  We can manage the entire project, or just fill in the missing pieces in your lab.


Toucan Technology 2444 Lexington Dr.  Ventura, California 93003 on the beach between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.