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                             Hardware Software

Services Overview


Toucan Technology designs hardware and software for companies on a project basis. Most of our designs acquire analog and/or digital data and use that data for local control of mechanical and/or electrical processes. We also create custom software for practically all of our projects.  If you already know what the hardware should be, and just need software, we can do that as well.


Hardware Design


Mechanical hardware design, meaning enclosures, custom transformers, custom motors and that sort of thing is something that we can get done for you, or work with your staff or other vendors.  Electronic hardware, meaning sensors, transducers, and off the shelf transformers and motors is one of our two specialties, and is covered in depth here.


Software Design


Custom software to respond to sensors and control a small portion of the real world is our other specialty and is covered in detail here.


Palm OS


Palm OS for embedded applications is not something you might ordinarily think of, but it can be useful in certain applications.  Details here.


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